I Know We ‘Promissed’ “HD” Quality Here…but…

Today began with a bit of a “technical debacle”… after the entire broadcast fell apart some 60 seconds before the show started, causing me to have to completely restart the computer, we got up and running about 3 minutes into show time. Problem being: after getting us technically sound and running LIVE on BlogTalkRadio, I forgot to hit the record button on the “HD Machine” (read as iMac). Long story short-ER, all we have to provide you with is the BTR version of the archived show. That’s the “bad” news. The “good” news: we had soooooo much F@#KING fun doing this show…I hope you likey-likey enough to go tell 4 friends about the show!

On this morning’s Wheelhouse, Bower and “The Sweet Nasty” Chris Cause: discuss the NBA division in the “FUG-liest Uniform EVAR Tournament” and bring you their Top 3 songs “You Don’t Want To Hear When The Cheerleader Is On The Stripper Pole”, PLUS: how and why a “Bad Decision” Hall Of Fame is VERY necessary…Alzheimers+Wrasslers=DEATH!

Download it HERE!


~ by wheelhouseradio on March 6, 2009.

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