My Bad.

Well, where do I start?

To be fair, it was Friday the 13th. So maybe my mocking the past few Friday the 13th’s caught up with me.

Here’s how it went down: got up on time but when I went to leave home for the studio, the trouble began. Couldn’t find my headphones. My $150 Sennheiser iPod headphones. And I gotta listen to my iPod on that 6:15AM subway ride in! Not in the pockets of my jacket, not on the table. Rummage through my bag. Not there. Fuck it. Pick an old pair out of the “tool drawer” and leave.

Get on the subway…late. Get to the stop right before mine, train stops, doesn’t move. I take headphones off to hear the announcement that there is a train ahead of ours with mechanical problems. They suggest that if you can get off there and transfer, you should. I do. Walk over to the “red” line, get on. Miss my stop. Different stop than the “blue line”. Get off at the next stop. Walk out, grab for the banana that I thought I had put in my bag. No banana. Fuck. Jamba Juice. No problemo, just a little late. Chick behind the register taking her sweet time getting my debit card back to me. Says there is a problem. FUck. Finally, get card back…don’t think they charged me for the $5 smoothie. Nice. Head to building.

Get in front of 100 Church Street. Reach in bag for badge. No badge. FUCk. I’ll check in the light of the lobby. Get in lobby, it’s 7:08AM – show starts at 7:30AM. Check bag. No badge to be found. FUCK! Call and wake up my wife. She checks the counter where I rummaged through my bag looking for my headphones. Yup. Badge is there. I can get in to my building, but not my floor without that badge. MUTHAFUCK!

Text Cause. Tell him show might be cancelled. Get on subway going home to get badge. Know full well it will take subway train at least 10 minutes to get to me, then another 10 to get me back to Brooklyn.

7:30AM – get off train in Brooklyn – show started. Text Cause to tell him I just got off train. Think we’ll just have to call off the show now. Get in my apartment – 7:34-ish. Bitch to my wife about morning…then it hits me: I have my laptop, we’re only maybe 6 minutes late by the time I could get Cause on Skype and do a show. Fuck it, let’s try.

Call in to, start broadcast, conference in Cause on Skype…show starts. I can hear him, he can hear me. Fingers crossed. Turns out, no one can hear the production. On the “HD” version, Cause’s voice, the production…no me. So we can’t use that for here.

Looking back at the almost 50 minutes we did Friday…we flew by the seat of our pants, but still did the show. Fuck me in my eye-hole. Did the whole show from my kitchen using the microphone built in to my laptop.

My Friday the 13th ended with 3 very strong margarita’s on the rocks. With salt.

I hate Friday the 13th. It beat me…this time.


~ by wheelhouseradio on March 14, 2009.

One Response to “My Bad.”

  1. I believe what Friday’s show would be considered as is nothing less then pure radio gold.

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