Heidi’s 3 Songs

On this Wheelhouse Bower and “The Sweet Nasty”Chris Cause get excited about MANNY’S COMEBACK and what it means to the I.E.. Also broughten to the table were the merits of hockey amongst CANADIAN HOCKEY FANS…and shockingly: THE U.F.L. DRAFT! It will be soooo exciting once we know what the team names are!! And we wrap-up strong with 3 SONGS HEIDI MONTAG WOULD NOT WANT TO HEAR DURING HER PLAYBOY SHOOT!

Download the Podcast – HERE!

** PROGRAMMING NOTE: Bower will be away on Sunday Night – Father’s Day. But Cause, Jeff Peck and from CAMEL CLUTCH BLOG and PRO WRESTLING RADIO…ERIC GARGUILO will be “stripping down” and talking “wrasslin”!

Be sure to keep on PAR with all the of guests we are having on…the list is to your right…


~ by wheelhouseradio on June 19, 2009.

2 Responses to “Heidi’s 3 Songs”

  1. Thanks for the podcast! Looking forward to more episodes soon.

  2. Really excited about having Eric Gargiulo co-hosting your guys show on sunday!

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