Eric “Strips Down” RAW

On this Wheelhouse “The Sweet Nasty”Chris Cause, “The Champ” Jeff Peck and special guest co-host ERIC GARGIULO give you a good, solid “WEEKEND STRIPDOWN”: who says you can’t go…back on the D.L.? Certainly not DICE K! The future of former PHILLIES: J.D.DREW ND SCOTT ROLEN; how much Monday U.S. OPEN play will be awesometown? and ANYONE from Philly might STILL be a T.O. fan?! Wha? I don’t believe you…then it’s all about the WRASSLIN…oh, and MMA action. Talking: DIEGO SANCHEZ AND CLAY GUIDA, the new “owner” of RAW – DONALD TRUMP, the Ultimate Fighter’s KIMBO SLICE and how Eric would fix RAW.

Download the Podcast – HERE!

Be sure to keep on PAR with all the of guests we are having on…the list is to your right…


~ by wheelhouseradio on June 22, 2009.

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