Help Choose The TOP 5

On this Wheelhouse Bower and “The Sweet Nasty” Chris Cause honor Football beginning somewhere…as it was opening night in the CFL! So scoring updates are mandatory for this W.T.F. WEDNESDAY and the reason behind your input for NEXT WEEK’S programming. W.T.F. WEDNESDAY brings: a question about 19 year-old NASCAR wunderkind JOEY LOGANO and his turning left future; what really happened in the ANNA KOURNIKOVA Las Vegas cat-fight and who is hotter: SPECIAL K or the tennis capable MARIA SHARAPOVA? How embarrassing! A certain baseball team – not one player, the WHOLE team – thought the 2nd out of an inning was the 3rd! Get the report from Cause. And in honor of todays WOMEN’S QUARTERFINAL at Wimbledon, we play “TENNIS STAR OR PORN STAR”.

Download the Podcast – HERE!

And with the 4TH OF JULY holiday fast approaching – coupled with The Wheelhouse 100TH EPISODE – we’ll be looking for YOUR…and be honest…Top 5 Wheelhouse Shows of ALL TIME!! Be sure to keep on PAR with all the of guests we are having on…the list is to your right…


~ by wheelhouseradio on July 2, 2009.

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