NBA DEEP-Insider ERIC GRAY and 3 Songs

On this Wheelhouse Bower and “The Sweet Nasty” Chris Cause sadly make the transition from THE TOP 5 WHEELHOUSE SHOWS to fill-in while we go on vacation and BASEBALL to the “that was soooo 1990” world of the NBA. I like to blame the wonderful world of TWITTER for kindly giving us our very first ever DEEP INSIDER: the one and only – ERIC GRAY. If I hadn’t fallen asleep from boredom, I would totally be able to tell you what E and Cause were discussing. But when JEFF PECK threw paper wads at me, whatever they were discussing sounded heated, accurate and interesting…if only to basketball fans. Then, on the heels of the worlds tragic loss…3 SONGS YOU WOULD NEVER WANT TO HEAR…IF YOU WERE A MIDGET WRESTLER PURCHASING A HOOKER.

Download the Podcast – HERE!

And with the 4TH OF JULY holiday some 24 hours away – look for your favorite Top 5 Wheelhouse Shows of ALL TIME to fill in for us while we are away!! Be sure to keep on PAR with all the of guests we will be having on…the list is to your right…


~ by wheelhouseradio on July 3, 2009.

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