The #4 Show of ALL-TIME is…


While we are on vacation this week & counting down the Top 5 shows of ALL-TIME as we approach EPISODE #100 we give you the #4 show of ALL-TIME VOTED BY YOU! On this Wheelhouse that YOU voted #4…Bower and “The Sweet Nasty” Chris Cause answer the question that we all wondered back in May…”Is it time to give up on BIG PAPI?”…as well as ACTUALLY taking your FANTASY BASEBALL questions (no we didn’t continue the bit of actually not covering Fantasy Baseball in this TOP 5 episode) and then we wrap up the show with comedian guests & HOTTIES…APRIL MACIE (Howard Stern’s 2008 Hottest Funniest Person in America Winner) and RACHEL FEINSTEIN aka…the GOOLIGANS as they play against Bower in “HEY…NICE TWITS!”! WHILE…Eric Gray makes his 2nd appearance on the TOP 5  list with his “RADIO GOLD” moment in the first part of the show.

Download the podcast HERE!


~ by wheelhouseradio on July 6, 2009.

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