The #2 Show of ALL-TIME is…



While we are on vacation this week & counting down the Top 5 shows of ALL-TIME as we approach EPISODE #100 we give you the #2 show of ALL-TIME VOTED BY YOU! On this Wheelhouse that YOU voted #2…Bower and “The Sweet Nasty” Chris Cause welcome in comedian JIMMY FAILLA (from the Jim & Dean Show). Jimmy talks to us about his stand-up routine he did for CARLOS BELTRAN’S BIRTHDAY and the entire NEW YORK METS! Where you will be able to see KEYSHAWN JOHNSON during the “off-season” (you won’t believe this.) The reason why the YANKEES will never reach the “glory days” of the late-90s (much to the delight of Cause) and the CURSE OF A-ROD! Cause then puts Jimmy’s former ODDS-MAKING SKILLS to the test and as a favor to all of you, Jimmy gives us a “How To” for the “ol RUB-N-TUG. BUT THATS NOT ALL…EA SPORTS Eric Gray makes his third appearance into the TOP 5 with his self-proclaimed “RADIO GOLD” moment!

Download the Podcast – HERE!


~ by wheelhouseradio on July 8, 2009.

One Response to “The #2 Show of ALL-TIME is…”

  1. tracking back The #2 Show of ALL-TIME is…… tracking back The #2 Show of ALL-TIME is……

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