On this episode of The Wheelhouse: Bower and “The Sweet Nasty” Chris Cause listen back to your VOICEMAIL HAIKU’S that may – or may not get you in to THE WHEELHOUSE FANTASY FOOTBALL LEAGUE! The “FINAL FOUR” callers make it in and – bring their Haiku “A-GAME”!! And it is decision time. Three out of the “FINAL FOUR” spots available are filled, with only ONE MORE SPOT AVAILABLE…someoene gets picked on tomorrow nights podcast!! Bust out the soapbox and make sure your therapist is on SPEED DIAL: it’s time for CAUSES RANT!

Download the Podcast – HERE!

TOMORROW NIGHT: Who wins the final spot in the THE WHEELHOUSE FANTASY FOOTBALL LEAGUE? It will be decided. PLUS: In YOUR minds eye…what is the GREATEST NUDE SCENE EVAR IN A MOVIE? Call our voicemail telling us – and describing the scene (for those who haven’t seen it…not to be dirty – CAPTAIN OBVIOUS!!) The man who knows all MR. SKIN has made his pick and we’ll se where it stacks up with yours. And we’ll go over the RETARDED NFL dress code…


~ by wheelhouseradio on August 11, 2009.

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