The Champ has Spoken: The Fantasy Football Impact of Brett Favre

“The Champ has Spoken” – By: “The Champ” Jeff Peck

There is a good chance that on August 20th you have already completed one or more fantasy football drafts this season and the biggest question or “wait & see” game in your league is whether or not to pick up Brett Favre off the free agent roster. You are looking at your team and wondering whether or not to go with one of the greatest quarterbacks of all-time. You figure that the Minnesota Vikings are now a favorite to win the NFC North again that should be enough convincing to pick up ol’ #4 right?

If you’re in a 12 team fantasy football league there really aren’t many valuable Quarterback options out on the market for you right now so I’d say if you’re not happy with your Quarterback situation then get Favre, he will give you at least one start when your Quarterback has a bye week. If you’re in a 10 team fantasy football league I’d say stay away from him, there are plenty of valuable Quarterbacks still on the free agent market that are currently starting in the NFL.

The reason being is that this is not the same Brett Favre from a year ago when he was traded to the New York Jets. In a way Favre had more options in New York then he did in Minnesota. For instance the receiving core for New York at the time was Laveranues Coles & Jericho Cotchery. Which are solid but not yet stellar receiving options, but then again not everyone can have a Andre Johnson or Randy Moss on their squad. At Tight End you had Bubba Franks (Favre’s former Tight End in Green Bay) & Dustin Keller catching the ball. At running back you had a re-born Thomas Jones carrying the ball.

In Minnesota the current Depth Chart is Sidney Rice, Bobby Wade & first rounder Percy Harvin (who while talented seems to have some character issues dating back to the NFL Combine), three wide receivers that I would not draft on my fantasy football team to begin with. I’d take a Donald Driver who is a #2 reciever in Green Bay before I took Sidney Rice. At Tight End you have Visanthe Shiancoe and Jim Kleinsasser…I know what you’re thinking…who? The only real difference maker from Minnesota and New York is obviously Adrian Peterson. Who when he’s healthy is a valuable #1 pick in all draft formats but is still a “shaky” pick due to his history of injuries dating back to his days in Oklahoma.

By looking at things it’s safe to say Favre had more options in New York then he does currently in Minnesota. For most of Favre’s career he has not had the greatest of receivers, tight ends or running backs but that’s when Favre was in his prime. He is now a 40 year old Quarterback with a torn rotator cuff and repaired shoulder. He is no longer “the kid” that was running around in New Orleans after winning his first and currently only Super Bowl trophy. This is no longer the NFL MVP from 1995-1997.

If you decide on picking up Brett Favre in your fantasy football team it’s because you have literally run out of options for your Quarterback position. Favre is nothing more right now then a #2 quarterback on your bench for Fantasy Football. And if you do pick up Favre make sure your Quarterback’s bye week is early in the season and not around Week 8 or 9. Reason being is remember how the Jets were 8-3 at Thanksgiving and all of a sudden the AFC Champion favorites? What happened next for the Jets? They went 1-4 and missed the playoffs as Favre ran out of gas and his shoulder couldn’t go through an entire 16 game season.

Remember you are getting a 40 year old Quarterback with a torn rotator cuff and a repaired shoulder in all of sudden competitive NFC North. Buyers beware.



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