Where was The Wheelhouse tonight?

Good evening Wheelhousers! “The Champ” Jeff Peck here.

Anway, to give you all a update on why there was no wheelhouse tonight…as I write this at 11:40pm EST (for those following at home) I’m just getting home from helping the Bower family settle in their new home.

Now here was the scenario, follow me: Jeff Peck helping the Bower’s during the 8pm ET/5pm PT start time mean’t I was not hosting tonight’s Best of The Wheelhouse which mean’t Cause was going to play the Mitch Fatel/Gary Cannon episode (Which was tonight’s Best of Episode). Then Blog talk radio for some reason didn’t want to load that mp3 containing that episode so Cause had to call an audible and that mean’t no Wheelhouse tonight.

I know your all sad but cheer up Wheelhousers for we (Bower, Sweet Nasty & myself) will be back LIVE Wednesday September 2nd @ 8pm ET/5pm PT when we are joined by JORDAN ZUCKER of www.girlsguidetofantasyfootball.com  to talk about her thoughts on Miley Cyrus’ album and if Jessica Simpson will stay single. Oh I’m sorry that was for when Eric Gray comes on; I meant she will be on to talk FANTASY FOOTBALL!

It’s late, I’m tired. But Bower, Cause & myself just wanted to let you all know we LOVE YOU HARD and can not wait to see all your beautiful faces joining us LIVE on Wednesday night!



~ by wheelhouseradio on September 1, 2009.

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