The First Ever Wheelhouse Radio! Fantasy Baseball league is in the books!

Fantasy Baseball Finals

Congrats to PISTONSFAN on winning the very FIRST ever Wheelhouse Radio! Fantasy Baseball League!

The Final Standings were:

1. PistonsNumeroUnos (PistonsFan)

2. Wad’s Moneyshot (Wad)

3. Rodman’s Liver (Bower & Cause)

4. Bestever’s Base Aces (Bestever)

5. Free Vince Shlomi (“The Champ” Jeff Peck)

6. 88DaleJrFanWin’A (88DaleJrFan)

7. Horry Kows (BBALLCOACH)

8. Captain Orgasmic (Captain Obvious)

9. Verespy’s Vipers (Cory Verespy)

10. Seattle Pimps (?)

Thanks to everyone who participated in this year’s Fantasy Baseball league!

Join Bower & “The Sweet Nasty” Chris Cause on Monday October 5th @ 8pm ET/5pm PT for the LIVE edition of The Wheelhouse! Tonight join the boys as they discuss everything sports around the water cooler from Fantasy Baseball to the MLB Playoffs to MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL!. Also who will win the TWITTER game taking over the nation…”HEY! Nice Twits!” will it be Bower or “The Champ” Jeff Peck? We will also who find out who won STUMP THE SALLY for WEEK 4, COPERNICUS or THE OUTLAW! Join us LIVE @ 8pm ET/5pm PT by clicking RIGHT HERE:


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One Response to “The First Ever Wheelhouse Radio! Fantasy Baseball league is in the books!”

  1. Okay Ill take that win. Im pretty sure Wad is pissed though because the final score was 4-4.

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