The Wheelhouse’s NFL WEEK 5 PICKS!

Bengals vs Ravens

Bower – Ravens

Cause – Ravens

Peck – Ravens

Browns vs Bills

Bower – Browns

Cause – Bills

Peck – Bills

Redskins vs Panthers

Bower – Panthers

Cause – Panthers

Peck – Panthers

Steelers vs Lions

Bower – Steelers

Cause – Steelers

Peck – SteelersCowboys vs Chiefs

Bower – Cowboys

Cause – Cowboys

Peck – Cowboys

Raiders vs Giants

Bower – Giants

Cause – Giants

Peck – Giants

Bucs vs Eagles

Bower – Eagles

Cause – Eagles

Peck – Eagles

Vikings vs Rams

Bower – Vikings

Cause – Vikings (If we have one game different between the 3 of us at this point, I’ll be shocked.)

Peck – Vikings

Falcons vs 49ers

Bower – 49ers

Cause – Falcons

Peck – 49ers

Texans vs Cardinals

Bower – Texans

Cause – Texans

Peck – CardinalsPats vs Broncos

Bower – Patriots

Cause – Patriots (Let’s find out Broncos…)

Peck – PatriotsJags vs Seahawks

Bower – Seahawks

Cause – Seahawks

Peck – Jaguars

Colts vs Titans

Bower – Colts

Cause – Colts

Peck – Colts

Jets vs Dolphins

Bower – Jets

Cause – Jets

Peck – Jets


Cause: 23-7

Bower: 20-10

Peck: 17-13

Join Bower & “The Sweet Nasty” Chris Cause this Sunday October 11th @ 8pm ET/5pm PT for the Sunday LIVE edition of THE WHEELHOUSE! On tonight’s Wheelhouse we will be stripping down the Weekend with THE WEEKEND STRIPDOWN! We will recap everything that has gone on in the MLB DIVISIONAL PLAYOFFS, WEEK 5 of the NFL and all the big stories around the world of sports! Be there LIVE @ 8pm ET/5pm PT by CLICKING RIGHT HERE:


~ by wheelhouseradio on October 11, 2009.

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