Yankees/Red Sox, Fantasy Football and Week 5!

On this episode of The Wheelhouse: Bower and “The Sweet Nasty” Chris Cause open the show at a “FEVER PITCH” as the YANKEES/RED SOX rivalry between “The Sweet Nasty” Chris Cause and “The Champ” Jeff Peck reaches a BOILING POINT. After apologies and cooler heads prevail the boys shift gears talking about EVERYTHING from WEEK 5 in the NFL and it’s FANTASY FOOTBALL IMPACT!

Download the Podcast – HERE!


~ by wheelhouseradio on October 12, 2009.

One Response to “Yankees/Red Sox, Fantasy Football and Week 5!”

  1. Cause is upset because of the Sports tragedy that is Boston Sports? I, The Outlaw think that Cause needs to face Peck in a Grudge Match at the next WWE PPV. There is nothing more pleasureable than to see a Red Sox Fan face off against a Yankees Fan. May the best man win. Compliments from the Ranger fan that has no reason to celebrate because the Rangers are like the West Texas weather Pattern.

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