Fantasy Football Friday: 10/16

The last couple of days we have recieved a good amount of e-mails with your FANTASY FOOTBALL questions for US! Starting this Friday and from now on until the end of YOUR Fantasy Football season we will answer the questions you have for us on the website every FRIDAY!

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Should i start pierre thomas, reggie bush, or tim hightower? – Eric H.

Eric, Pierre Thomas and Reggie Bush are going to have tough weeks with the Giants defense in town while Arizona is taking on Seattle. All three of those options are going to be risky this week but your best pick is to go with Pierre Thomas in this one. He will try and exposed the Giants rush defense and has the best chance of putting up the most yards. Bush would be option #2 as he will potentially get more total yards in rushing and recieving.

Do you think Roddy White will have another big week for my Fantasy Football team? – Dan C.

Many people including myself in a couple leagues drafted Roddy White as my first Wide Reciever. He was in a contract year and was looking like he could be the big player on the Falcons offense. It wasn’t until Week 5 where we finally saw the Roddy White fantasy owners were hoping for and that was aganist a good 49ers defense. He is taking on the Bears defense in Week 6 which would make him a must start in all fantasy leagues. He is a #1 WR, hopefully he brings his Week 5 game to Week 6, if not Fantasy Owners may start to think about possibilty putting him on the trade block.

Should I hold onto Brandon Jacobs? – Doug G.

Doug I am currently having the same issue in two fantasy leagues I’m in. I was hoping for a big week for Jacobs in Week 5 aganist the Raiders but Ahmad Bradshaw was the one who had the big game for Big Blue. Jacobs has almost the same amount of yards as Bradshaw but at two times the carries. Jacobs is facing New Orleans D in Week 6 which is an underrated defense at this point of the season. Hold onto Jacobs for a little bit longer but I’m leaning towards potential trade bait if the numbers don’t produce. If Bradshaw is still somehow on waiver wire or FA market take him!

I was recently offered a deal where I would recieve T.J. Houshmanzadeh, is he worth the gamble? – Sean K.

Most definately. T.J. is going to be the #1 WR in Seattle now that Hasselbeck is back. He has a great QB lining up at center every Sunday now and should be getting a good amount of receptions. Housh wanted to show the NFL that he was not at best a #2 WR behind the spotlight of Chad Ocho Cinco. Take him now that Matt is back in Seattle.

Who is your favorite Rookie Fantasy Football pickup so far this season? – Jake R.

That’s a tough question. For me it comes down to two players right away. Mark Sanchez and Percy Harvin, both whom could well be the AFC & NFC Rookie of the Year come at season’s end. Sanchez is shaping to be a Top 5 QB in future Fantasy Football drafts and holding onto the decent First Round QB pedigree that has developed from the last two NFL drafts. As for Harvin he was a huge steal for Minnesota in the First Round, prior to his personal smoking decisions Harvin was #2 WR behind Michael Crabtree. He returns punts, kicks and gets a decent amount of receptions from a 40 year old QB. Both of them have been the top Rookie Fantasy Football pickups in my opinon this season.

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