Our WEEK 6 Picks!

Texans vs Bengals

Bower – Bengals

Cause – Texans (Welcome to letdown week, Cincy!)

Peck – Bengals

Lions vs Packers

Bower – Packers

Cause – Packers (You guys gonna hold hands during this one?)

Peck – Packers

Rams vs Jaguars

Bower – Jaguars

Cause – Jaguars (MJD should feel better after this week)

Peck – Jaguars

Ravens vs Vikings

Bower – Ravens

Cause – Ravens

Peck – Vikings

Giants vs Saints

Bower – Giants

Cause – Saints

Peck – Giants

Browns vs Steelers

Bower – Steelers

Cause – Steelers

Peck – Steelers

Panthers vs Buccaneers

Bower – Panthers

Cause – Buccaneers

Peck – Panthers

Chiefs vs Redskins

Bower – Redskins

Cause – Chiefs (Notice a theme here so far?)

Peck – Redskins

Eagles vs Raiders

Bower – Eagles

Cause – Eagles (Not here though…)

Peck – Eagles

Cardinals vs Seahawks

Bower – Cardinals

Cause – Seahawks

Peck – Cardinals

Titans vs Patriots

Bower – Patriots

Cause – Patriots (Really Jeff Fisher? Vince Young isn’t starting yet? Ok…)

Peck – Patriots

Bills vs Jets

Bower – Jets

Cause – Jets

Peck – Jets

Bears vs Falcons

Bower – Falcons

Cause – Falcons

Peck – Falcons

Broncos vs Chargers

Bower – Chargers

Cause – Chargers

Peck – Broncos


1. Cause: 32-12

2. Bower: 29-15

3. Peck: 25-19

Join Bower & “The Sweet Nasty” Chris Cause on Sunday October 18th @ 8pm ET/5pm PT for the LIVE edition of The Wheelhouse! On tonight’s Wheelhouse the guys will be recapping everything that happened from WEEK 6 in the NFL! Be there LIVE with us @ 8pm ET/5pm PT by CLICKING RIGHT HERE: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/thewheelhouse/2009/10/19/The-Wheelhouse-Episode


~ by wheelhouseradio on October 18, 2009.

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