Wheelhouse! Friday: FANTASY FOOTBALL questions ANSWERED!

Every Friday here on the site we ANSWER your FANTASY FOOTBALL QUESTIONS from throughout the week that we get at our e-mail address, which is wheelhouseradio@gmail.com. You can e-mail us questions too throughout the week, we will answer them and then share some of the questions you sent us to the rest of the Wheelhouse Nation out there!

Here are some of this week’s questions:

1. Q: Michael Crabtree had a decent debut game aganist Houston, should I expect the same aganist Indy in Week 8? – Greg H. (NJ)

A: Yes and no. I say that because Alex Smith is in at QB and is making guys like Vernon Davis a star. He may just do the same for Crabtree. Crabtree is most likely slotted as a #2 or #3 Reciever right now which should put not all the best coverage on him throughout the game. If you don’t have a decent WR core then start him. He could put up 5 rec for 50+ yards again or he may be held to nothing. It’s a gamble either way right now.

2. Q: Hey, really enjoy the show. Was wondering if you could help me with some help for my Fantasy Football team. I have Owen Daniels and Vernon Davis as my TE’s who should I start in Week 8? – Steve S.

A: Great question. Owen Daniels and Vernon Davis made Fantasy owners really happy in Week 8 putting up huge numbers for their teams. If you had either/or then you got at least 20+ points depending on your league scoring. Daniels is playing Buffalo while Davis is playing at Indy. Both TE’s are favorite targets of their QBs. I would start Daniels over Davis for this week because were not sure if Davis’ break through 3 TD performance last week was a fluke or not AND he is playing Indy’s D. Go with Owen Daniels this week.

3. Q: I still am holding onto the Jets defense after drafting them and giving me three great Fantasy Weeks at the start of the season. Should I be holding onto them still? – Bill D. (KY)

A: If there is no better choices out on the Free Agent market then I’d say yes stick with the Jets D. They were everyone’s favorite “sleeper” D/ST choice in this year’s draft with Rex Ryan at the helm. They made everyone look good in the first 3 weeks but didn’t hold up after that. They play Miami this week at home and there’s no telling what you will get out of them. I still like the Jets D but my love fest for them is slowly slipping.

4. Q: I need the following chosen for a standard league with 2 WR/2 RB/1 FLEX (wr/rb)

Here are my WRs
S.Smith (car) VS. Ari
Anquan Boldin VS. Car
Manningham VS. Phi
Sidney Rice VS. GB
Crabtree VS. Ind

Here are my RBs
LT @ oak
Lynch @ Hou
Sproles @ oak

As of now I got Boldin/Rice/Lynch/LT and sproles at Flex.
What do you think? – Jason P. (CA)

A: Finally some actual LINEUP questions!I like the starting line for your team as the way you have right now. Boldin is going to give you decent numbers aganist a horrible Carolina team, while Rice could be Favre’s #1 target in GB, so you can’t go wrong their out of the five. Keep an eye on Crabtree, he put up decent numbers fantasy owners did not expect from him and giving double digits in most formats.

As for the RB position starting LT and Sproles against Oakland will you give big points aganist a horrible defense and team. Lynch should do you well but I don’t see anything over 100 yards rushing aganist Houston. Keep the way you have it and you should do well this week.

Those are just some of the questions we recieved in our inbox this week! If you’d like Fantasy Football help as well feel free to e-mail us at wheelhouseradio@gmail.com throughout the week and we will respond! Maybe your question will be one of the four questions featured here on the site!

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